Apartment-Building Package Delivery: An Old Problem with a New Solution

Nov 2021

Learn how Coinamatic’s storage lockers help solve the challenges of apartment-building package delivery.

Online shopping has never been easier, more convenient, and so widely available to so many people. In multi-unit residential buildings, however, effective package delivery is often none of those things, causing inconvenience at best and loss of property at worst.

Ready for the good news? There’s a better way to manage it.

The Old Problems

Apartment building residents receive packages 7 days a week, 12 months of the year, leading to a number of unnecessarily frustrating issues.

If the building employs front-end staff, an average of 4 hours of their day can be tied up just receiving packages and ensuring they get to the right resident. In buildings that don’t have front-end staff, packages must be left in reception and lobby areas, causing unsightly clutter and presenting a high risk of package theft. And even in buildings with resident mailboxes, many are too small to accommodate even a medium-sized box.

A Better Way to Do Things

Coinamatic understands the value of innovative solutions, so we’re proud to be a Canadian distributor of Luxer One’s suite of smart package delivery lockers and automated package rooms, perfect for apartment-building package delivery.

Luxer One is the world’s leading package management solution provider, with products designed to accept 100% of deliveries with no need for face-to-face interaction or contact with front-end building staff. Packages of all sizes are delivered safely and conveniently, reducing package theft and eliminating clutter from common areas.

How do Luxer Lockers work?

The process is smart and simple:

  • Carriers deliver packages right to your Luxer Lockers using the touchscreen
  • Residents receive a text or email notification that their package is in a locker
  • Residents receive a secure, one-time code and enter it at the touchscreen or via their mobile app, and the locker containing their package opens

Luxer One’s package management systems are configurable to your building’s unique needs. Whether your receiving area is inside or outside, your locker configuration will meet your space and sizing requirements while ensuring secure and effective 24/7 package management.

Benefits from Every Angle

Get the right system for your building and see how much easier package management can be:

  • Save your staff hours of daily package handling
  • Eliminate the constant disruption of deliveries
  • Reduce package theft and remove clutter from front desk, lobby, and hallway areas
  • Offer your residents a valuable amenity that enhances their sense of security
  • Offer mail carriers a fast, easy, and Canadian-approved solution for package delivery

Streamline Your Package Management Today

What’s Next?

If you require new equipment or are thinking about implementing new laundry payment technologies, we are here to help.

Let’s start the conversation!  Contact us today at info@coinamatic.com or complete our online quote request.