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Smart card technology helps these building owners rest easy and keep their properties safe.

Background: As a multi-building owner, this family operated company wanted to save time and prevent damage to their properties, while making it easy for tenants to safely do their laundry.

The Problem

The owners of two apartment buildings had experienced theft and vandalism to their machines in the past. Not only did this make their buildings seem unsafe to tenants, it created additional expenses due to repair costs needed to fix the damaged machines. Further to this, as a multi-building owner, it was inconvenient to visit each location to collect the coins and deposit the money in the bank.

The Solution

With the help of Coinamatic, the owners switched over to smart card technology. To reduce capital expenses, the owners chose refurbished equipment and Coinamatic bought two sets of equipment on location. Following this, smart card technology was installed on the machines, which allows tenants to pay using stored value smart card payment. This meant that there was little cash on hand for thieves to steal.

Thieves now think twice about going into this property.

The Result

Theft and damage to equipment was virtually eliminated overnight. In fact, shortly after installation the owners encountered a break-in, and found that only the laundry room door needed to be fixed. Thieves now think twice about going into this property since there is little incentive and huge risks involved. Smart card technology also makes it easy for the owners to collect revenue since payments are made electronically. On top of the safety benefits, our client also saved over $6,500 in capital expenses by utilizing refurbished equipment and having Coinamatic buy equipment on location. For a family owned property management company this was a massive success.

The Problem

Time wasting runs to the bank and thieves damaging equipment

The Solution

Installation of smart cards for electronic payments

The Benefit

Instant reduction of vandalism and more time to build an empire

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