Low-Income Housing Organization

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Smart card technology helped this community housing organization eliminate theft and increase revenue.

The Problem

This low-income housing company had to provide access to laundry at a low cost. Coin machines are usually the best solution for this. However, there is a higher rate of vandalism. Therefore, our client spent a lot of time repairing damaged machines. A “free” laundry facility was the only option.

The Solution

The corporation came to Coinamatic to help solve this challenge. Eliminating cash payments would bring back revenue to the building. So, we worked with the client to implement a smart card system. This would allow residents to pay using a stored value laundry card. Thus, thieves had little incentive to damage the machines without cash present.

The installation of laundry payment cards virtually eliminated vandalism to the equipment overnight.

The Result

The installation of smart cards stopped vandalism to the equipment overnight. The client did not have to repair machines anymore. The director also noticed less late-night calls about damage to machines. Overall, our client was pleased to see revenue return. But, less stress on their employees made them even happier.

The Problem

Late-night maintenance calls to fix machines that broke due to theft

The Solution

Installation of smart cards for electronic payments

The Benefit

Instant elimination of vandalism and significant reduction of service calls

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