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Municipality gets smart about their administration of parking infractions using ParkSmart to increase revenue.

Background: With limited resources, this municipal By-Law department needed a way to increase revenue and prevent payment delays.

The Problem

Most people when faced with a parking ticket know that delays in the court system can cause a case to be dismissed. Because of this, our client was losing money since provincial courts were unable to process tickets in a timely fashion due to offenders scheduling and rescheduling court dates. Furthermore, a portion of fees collected from tickets that were processed successfully went to the counts or Provincial government. This caused tremendous strain on our client’s resources.

The Solution

Recent legislation allows municipal governments to enact an Automated Monetary Processing System (AMPS). This gives local governments the power to install screening and hearing officers as city employees. To do this, our client first passed legislation through their council. Once the proper legal requirements were completed, ParkSmart worked with our client to install and adjust processing software, create a new ticket layout and order hard stock, design new notices to violators, work with IT and operations departments to install, test and deploy new work ow, and train screening and hearing o cers on the software they use to adjudicate the infractions.

With AMPS, our client was able to reduce the ticket life-cycle from 24 months down to 1.5 months.

The Result

For our client, ParkSmart was a turn-key system. With AMPS, our client was able to reduce the ticket life-cycle from 24 months down to 1.5 months. This significant reduction means our client will be paid faster for successfully processed claims. Moving to AMPS also means that our client could keep all revenue collected, which has increased parking ticket revenue by 15%.

The Problem

Parking tickets not being processed in a timely manner

The Solution

Enacting an Automated Monetary Processing System with ParkSmart

The Benefit

Increase in revenue by 15%

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