Quebec Multi-Building Owner

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This multi-building owner converted to smart card technology to make their properties safer and increase revenue.

Background: After experiencing multiple theft and vandalism events at their properties, a Quebec building owner worked with Coinamatic to improve their facilities and make their buildings safer for residents.

The Problem

Having a coin operated laundry facility can work well for certain demographics, but sometimes the challenge of protecting cash boxes can be a burden. Even after installing video cameras, access control and collecting money frequently, theft still remained a problem for this building owner. This put a strain on revenues, which would make any owner stress out.

The Solution

With revenue down and frustration up, the Quebec building owners turned to Coinamatic for help. As a current client, we worked with the owners to help them see the benefits of migrating to smart card technology. Switching to smart card is simple and in many cases it won’t incur additional costs. In this instance, all we asked for was a connection to the internet.

Three months after the switch our client noticed a spike in revenue.

The Result

After retrofitting the equipment with smart card readers and adding a debit/credit card terminal, our client saw an immediate reduction in theft and vandalism. With smart card technology very little cash needs to be on hand, so thieves have no incentives to break into a property. Of course, this was a tremendous help in making our client’s tenants feel safe at home. Furthermore, three months after the switch our client also noticed a spike in revenue, which put a smile back on their faces.

The Problem

Lost revenue due to theft

The Solution

Installation of smart cards for electronic payments

The Benefit

Instant elimination of theft and increased revenue

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