DID YOU KNOW that our Coinamatic CP Mobile Account users can share a mobile account!

Sep 2021
For example, let’s say a family is living in an apartment and mom has a Coinamatic CP mobile account that she has loaded with funds but wants dad to do the laundry. How does it work? It’s as easy as 1-2-3.
  1. Dad downloads the Coinamatic CP Mobile app and sets up an account but doesn’t need to load the account with funds. 
  2. Once dad has a Coinamatic CP mobile account, mom can go to “More” on her CP mobile account and click on Manage Sub-Accounts.
  3. When mom adds users, an email invitation will be sent. Once dad accepts, then they will be both pulling from the same “mobile account balance.”

 The Sub-Account feature works for various situations, including spouses, co-tenants, and families, or share with a caregiver or housekeeper! The primary user can remove access to the guests when required through their mobile app!

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What’s Next?

If you’re thinking about implementing new laundry payment technologies we are here to help.

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