How Efficient is your On-Premise Laundry Facility?

Aug 2021

Operating a successful on-premise laundry facility takes more than just commercial-grade washers and dryers. It also takes a unique understanding of your facility including:

  • Type and size of the facility
  • Type of laundry being processed and the types of soil and soil levels of that laundry
  • Amount of laundry being processed and required throughput
  • Machine types and sizing
  • Layout of laundry facility

When considering a new equipment or upgrading your on-premise laundry equipment, it is also important to keep energy efficiency and labor needs in sharp focus. Today’s on-premise laundry equipment incorporates cutting-edge technology that significantly reduces energy consumption and helps to lower labor costs but there are other factors!

The two largest expense categories attributed to most on-premise laundry operations are labour costs and linen replacement costs. For many operators, these expenses can amount to 55% or more of the annual laundry budget.  It is important to have the right-size high-speed large capacity washer/extractors that can help reduce these costs.  High speed extraction removes more moisture from each wash load, resulting in shorter drying times.  This not only lowers energy consumption; it also helps extend the life of linens. In addition, faster throughput means more laundry can be processed in less time, significantly reducing labor costs.  Many machines offer pre-programmed cycles but features allowing for additional custom programming provide for greater fine tuning of cycles which can be preferable and effective.  Intuitive multi-language microprocessor controls and automatic detergent injection can also help laundry workers increase production.

Another great time and cost saver is an Ozone System and today it is vital for most on premise laundries.  Designed to work with your existing commercial laundry equipment, ozone diffusion systems allow you to replace multi-step wash programs and increase chemical efficiency as well as reduce the need for hot water, with an eco-friendly laundry technology that turns cold water into activated oxygen, nature’s safest, most effective disinfecting agent.   Cold water programs reduce energy consumption, water use, cycle times, drying times, detergent use, and chemical use while extending fabric life and providing fresh, clean, fluffy laundry items.  The benefits of ozone diffusion systems are plenty and an ROI can be achieved in as little as 8 months.  Using ozone, complete disinfection for laundry is provided with proven eradication of MRSA, C-difficile and other viruses – a continued and vital factor!

Less hot water means energy savings, but this also translates into shorter drying times, and increased throughput.  The laundry is fresh smelling, the laundry facility is not as hot as the dryers are not continually running and the working environment is more worker friendly making the housekeeping staff happy!

At Coinamatic Commercial Laundry, we take all these factors into consideration and ensure that you have the right equipment for the size and type of your on-premise laundry facility.  We work closely with your staff to understand your specific laundry requirements and put equipment and programs in place to achieve optimal efficiency.  If you are interested in learning more about our services, our Commercial Laundry equipment manufactured by Alliance Laundry Systems or our EcoTex Advanced Laundry Oxidation System, please email or call 1-877-755-5302 or complete our online quote request today.

What’s Next?

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