Laundry Symbols and Their Importance

May 2018

When it went inside the washing machine, it was your favorite sweater. When it came out, you didn’t recognize it!  How many times have you experienced this?  All of us must have experienced this at least once. This is because we do not pay heed to the laundry symbols that can be found on the label.

Sometimes they can look like hieroglyphics. Since we cannot decipher what they are, we tend to ignore them.  Then when we put in our favorite clothing to wash it either shrinks, becomes saggy, runs color into other clothing or is torn or damaged to the extent you can never wear it. Different materials may have different washing instructions which you need to check carefully before laundering.

In order to prevent future laundry mishaps, you can refer to this easy infographic which explains what each laundry symbol means.  There are a variety of them.  Each time you are in doubt, this infographic will come in handy to help you to understand what the laundry symbol means.

We hope this infographic from Love2Laundry about laundry symbols will be a good guide for your future laundry adventures.


What’s Next?

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