A New Brochure for our Route Business

Sep 2018

Introducing our revamped corporate brochure for our route business!

As a leader in multi-family apartment laundry, Coinamatic is always on top of the latest advancements in the industry. Therefore, we’ve designed a brand new corporate brochure. Not only does it detail all of our service offerings and features, it also¬†has a clean, refreshed look.

The new brochure contains information on topics such as:

  • Total Confidence Guarantee
  • Best-in-class services and top-notch equipment
  • Commitment to our clients
  • Variety of laundry payment technologies
  • Energy-star certification
  • Exciting new initiatives such as mobile payment and the Coinamatic CP Mobile App.

Best of all, its FREE to download! Scroll down to get a copy in English and French.

new route brochure

new route brochure

Click Here to Download the Brochure in English!

Click Here to Download the Brochure in French!