Parcel Lockers are the ideal package management solution for corporate offices and workplaces

Oct 2022

As workers return to offices in the post-pandemic workplace, with them comes a significant increase in package deliveries. Luxer One Package lockers have become an essential part of parcel management, providing a secure automated solution for mailroom operations. Luxer One can help streamline all employee interactions from hot-desking bag drop IT equipment distribution and employee to employee item distribution.

Enhancing employee workplace satisfaction

Besides business-related packages, employees often use the corporate office address for secure personal package delivery. Organizations that provide secure automated package delivery lockers are more attractive workplaces. Automated smart lockers provide instant notifications that alert recipients upon the arrival of their parcel and allow employees to retrieve packages later without disrupting their work day.

Eliminating valuable assets theft

Many organizations are using automated package lockers as a secure way to distribute new or repaired cell phones, laptops and tablets, confidential materials, and other high-value corporate assets. With 24/7 Courier delivery into secure lockers, including video surveillance, you’ll know exactly where the package is at all times – eliminating liabilities related to theft or misplaced items.

Increase employee safety and productivity

Increases employee productivity by eliminating the sometimes hourly interruptions resulting from having to accept deliveries. Luxer One Parcel Lockers enhance employee safety by reducing the person-to-person contact that would otherwise be necessary to accept incoming deliveries. Ensure employees receive their packages quickly and securely, all while keeping the office clear of the notorious “Package Pileup.”

Perfect for employee incentive and rewards programs

Attract, engage and retain talent! Reward your employees with company swag, discounted merchandise or other fun ready for pickup in the package lockers. Fun, easy and secure.

Package pickup in under 15 seconds and as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Admin staff loads employee packages/items into the locker
  2. Employees get the notification to pick up their items
  3. Employees use their one-time use access code to retrieve their items

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