Choosing & Using the Right Products

Proper detergent use is the key to great laundry results. This page will help you choose and use the right products.

There are two types of washers available today – top-loading washers and front-loading washers. There are also different types of laundry detergents available – powder, liquid, concentrated, 2× concentrated and HE, detergent pods and detergent strips. It is very important to use the proper type and amount of detergent for the machine type you are using.

Firstly, if you are using a front-loading machine, it is highly recommended that you use detergent specially formulated for high efficiency front-loading washers. Look for packaging with the HE symbol.


However, if you must use regular detergent in a front-loading high efficiency washer, use ¼ cup only.


Remember – more is not better! Always follow the manufacturer’s measurement directions. Both liquid and powdered detergent comes in regular, concentrated, 2× concentrated and 3× concentrated form. It is very important to note the difference and adjust the amount of detergent used. Too much detergent causes poorly rinsed clothes that can result in skin irritation. Too many suds can also cause the washer to not spin properly and shut down completely, resulting in some very wet and soapy laundry.

For the best results, use the automatic dispenser provided on the machine for liquid detergent and liquid fabric softener only. If you are using powdered detergent, detergent pods, or detergent strips, place directly into the drum before adding the laundry. If you are using a top-loading washer, add the detergent directly into the tub before you add the laundry.