Mobile App FAQ

Please find some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) for our mobile app below.

Help I forgot my password.  I selected “forgot my password” but I never received a password reset email.

Give our Call Centre a call at 1-800-561-1972 and they can manually reset your password.

I set up my mobile account and am trying to load funds but I get a message “Page Not Found”.

This can happen.  Your location may not be set up yet for mobile, or you may be registered to a different location.   Go to My Account on your mobile app and ensure that you are registered to the location where you are currently residing.  If you continue to have issues call the Coinamatic Call Centre at 1-800-561-1972.

I don’t like the payment choices you have available to load funds to the app.

An online purchase for this mobile app can only be performed using a VISA or MasterCard credit card, or your VISA or MasterCard debit card. You can also use a Prepaid VISA or MasterCard that you can purchase at a variety of retail outlets.

I don’t see machine availability with this app?

Some of the laundry rooms are connected and some are operating as stand alone.  If you are not in a “connected” laundry room you won’t be able to see machine availability.

I don’t have data on my phone.  Can I use the app?

You certainly can.  Download the app wherever you have internet access.  Enter the laundry room with the app open and let the app pick up the machines to validate location.  Complete set up of the app when you are reconnected to the internet.  If you are having an issue and your app won’t pick up the location, call the Call Centre and ask for the SRC Code for your laundry room.  You can enter this into the App.

Can I start the machine with little or no cell signal?

Yes, ensure Bluetooth is turned on.  Open the app and enter the laundry room.  You are able to start the machines as long as you have funds in your account.  Once you leave the laundry room and reconnect to internet your account will be updated and the funds decremented from your account.  If you have used more funds than you had in your account, you may see a negative balance.  Ensure you top up your account!

My app tells me that my laundry is completed, however I went to the room and the machine is still running.

In a connected room, the count down for the machine will be 100% accurate.  In a non-connected room this count down of time remaining is estimated.  The machine occasionally makes adjustments to the cycles to account for too many suds, slow water fill, etc.  The count down will be close but might not be 100%.

I don’t see any info in the Peak Time Graph?

This feature is only available in a connected room where the machines are connected to the internet.  This is not available everywhere.

I have the app on my phone but want to share this account with my wife so she can also do laundry when I am not home with my mobile phone.

Try the Sub Account feature!  This allows users to share an account.  Go to Manage Sub Accounts on your mobile app and set up another user.  They will need the mobile app downloaded on their phone but will pull from your mobile account.  It is easy to set up.  This feature is great for families, co tenants, or those who may need to have care givers!

Still have questions about our mobile app not answered in the FAQ? No problem. Call the Coinamatic Call Centre at 1-800-561-1972