Laundry Payment Technologies

Coinamatic offers a variety of options for payment including coin, contact and contactless laundry cards, and now mobile payment!

With a contact or contactless laundry card system, residents use a Reload Kiosk (typically located directly in the laundry room) to load their card using their debit or credit card. Additionally, residents in certain locations can go online to add value to their laundry payment card.  Otherwise, with our new mobile payment option, residents can load an account online and use the Coinamatic CP Mobile App to start the laundry machines!

Our laundry payment solutions offer additional features such as:

  • Code based refunds issued by our live voice multilingual call centre
  • Code based card dispensing with codes issued by live voice multilingual call centre
  • Resident Portal for access to real time information about washer/dryer availability
  • Alerts when laundry is completed or machines become available.
  • Client Portal for real time reporting and a window into the laundry room activity.

With value-added convenience and security, Coinamatic’s unique laundry payment solutions offer significant benefits over traditional coin-operated washers and dryers.  Let your residents pay how they want to pay!  Providing a modern, cashless laundry facility is a first-class amenity making laundry easier and more efficient.