Childhood Cancer Canada


Founded in 1987, Childhood Cancer Canada (CCC) is the country’s leading foundation dedicated entirely to the fight against childhood cancer. They achieve their goal of improving the lives of children with cancer and their families through vital national support programs and investment in collaborative childhood cancer research.

Childhood cancer is unique. It is not just a smaller part of the adult world of cancer. The biology, treatment, and effects of treatment are unique to children. Through unique partnerships with all of Canada’s 17 childhood cancer hospitals and treatment centres, CCC ensure that children with cancer are exposed to kinder and gentler treatments that will not only cure them but leave with them with an improved quality of life into adulthood.

Coinamatic strongly believes in Childhood Cancer Canada’s objectives of education, connectivity and community for youth battling cancer. Our goal is to support and bring awareness to the Foundation’s initiatives and successes.

Through ongoing fund raising and payroll deduction programs, Coinamatic employees contribute to post-secondary scholarships for survivors of childhood cancer across Canada. We are proud of each and every child’s life we touch and will continue to campaign and raise fund to assist more children with post-secondary education!

Your contributions can make a difference. To learn more and/or help support Childhood Cancer Canada, please visit