Propel your business with a complete line of laundry services

We make laundry easier for businesses of every size. Coinamatic is the leading provider of commercial laundry equipment and service in Canada. We offer a complete line of vended and non-vended laundry equipment and multi-load washer/extractors and tumblers. Additionally, we pride ourselves on an extensive parts inventory and qualified Service Teams who keep your laundry operations in top running order.

Commercial Laundry

Ozone Laundry Systems.
Exceptional performance. Proven Savings.

Ozone Laundry Systems like our Eco3Tex® enhances the performance of chemicals and shortens the traditional wash cycle. Using cold water instead of hot, a typical laundry facility can generate cost savings to achieve full ROI within 9 to 18 months.

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Parcel Delivery Lockers

Daily Package Handling Solutions.
Eliminate constant disruption from deliveries.

Coinamatic is a proud Canadian Distributor of Luxer One parcel delivery lockers. Luxer One is the world’s leading package management solution provider, with a suite of smart package delivery lockers and automated package rooms designed to accept 100% of deliveries.

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Total Confidence

Since 1946, Coinamatic's long-standing reputation for quality service has been our pride. As a result, all of our employees are committed to upholding this reputation every day! We are so confident in our services, that we offer a Total Confidence Guarantee on every installation!

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Case Studies

See how companies are using Coinamatic products and services to successfully reduce costs and maximize value.

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