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CCL specializes in equipment sales to on-premise laundries including hotels and hospitality, healthcare facilities, and gyms as well as multifamily communities and apartments. Our equipment stands up to the demands of the heavy use of on-premise laundry. From single load to heavy capacity models, we offer washers extractors, large capacity dryers, disinfecting diffusion ozone systems, and more. We also offer vended and non-vended homestyle laundry equipment perfect for guest or residential use. Our expert team will help determine the best machines for your needs and budget.




The MDE/MDG28PD features a microprocessor with simple programming controls and is prepped with a coin-drop, finished with a durable porcelain-enamel top perfect for high-use environments. The MDE/MDG28PD has an extra-large 6.7 cu. ft. capacity.


The MDE/MDG28PR features a microprocessor with simple programming and a one-touch cycle selection system. Compatible with smartphone payment systems and finished with durable porcelain-enamel top perfect for high-use environments. The MDE/MDG28PR has an extra-large 6.7 cu. ft. capacity.

Stacked Washer-Dryers


The ML 22PD features a water-tight seal, intelligent controls with M-Series Technology and extra-large capacity, all within the floor space of a single unit. Available in coin-ready /card-ready and non-vend models.


The ML 22PR features intelligent controls with high-speed drying technology that delivers optimal performance for all loads. Equipped with both card-ready and non-vend options. Available with an extra-large 6.7 cu. ft. dryer and 3.1 cu. ft. washer.



The MHN33PD is a durable front-load washer with energy-efficient cleaning technology, high-speed drying, intelligent controls with M-series technology, and coin-drop, complete with smartphone payment compatibility for ease of use for customers. Available in 3.1 cu. ft capacity with coin-reading capabilities.


The MHN33PR washers are engineered with industry-leading durability, featuring a front access panel, intelligent controls, and high-speed drying technology. Available in 3.1 cu. ft capacity.



Giant C Dryer – GDL1329 Dryer

The GDL1329 offers a durable and sleek design, externally finished with an aluminum-coated steel drum. The stackable machines offer better durability and efficiency and are available in both gas and electric models. Available with a 22 lb capacity.

Titan Pro Dryer – TLD184 Dryer

The TLD18 is built with professional grade parts to last repeated use and to get more done in less time, with ease of repair engineered into their design. Available in gas and electric models, with a 30 lb capacity.


Giant C Washer – GCWM1069

The GCWM1069 is a top-load high-speed washer with 4 friction dampers and optimal spin algorithm recognition. Featuring enhanced speed and stackable design, the washer is available with a 22.5 lb capacity.

Titan Pro Washer – TCW2013

The TCW2013 features a powerful inverter Direct Drive motor, with low sound and high efficiency and features an easy repair system with front service accessibility. Available with a 35 lb load capacity.



Huebsch Vended Top Load Washer image

Huebsch Vended Top Load Washer

The Quantum Gold Commercial Top Load Washer features a touch pad control with 27 cycle selections and easy-to-read digital display. The large capacity of the 3.19 cu. ft. washer provides ample space and is prepped for card, coin and mobile payments.


Huebsch Vended Rear Control Dryer image

Huebsch Vended Rear Control Dryer

The Quantum Gold Commercial Rear Control Dryer offers a space-saving narrow cabinet while maintaining the industry’s largest door opening at 2.06 sq. ft. Available in 7.0 cu ft. capacity.

Stacked Washer-Dryer

Huebsch Vended Stack Washer/Dryer

The Quantum Gold Commercial Stack Washer features an extra-wide 15.5˝ door opening and 180º door swing, while the dryer is equipped with a quiet, efficient blower system, all within the floor space of a single unit. Available in coin-ready / card-ready and non-vend models.




Pan55 Rigid Mount Washer Extractor

The PAN55 offers a fully programmable control panel and boasts a large drain valve for better washability, built with ergonomic construction. Available in load capacities of 40, 55, 70, 90, 120 lbs.


PT075 Single Tumble Dryer

The PT075 offers a fully functional control panel and over-dry prevention technology, lowering energy consumption, utility, and linen replacement costs. Available in load capacities of 30, 55, 75, 120, 170, and 200 lbs.

Ancillary Equipment

CCL Ozone

Eco3Tex® Ozone Laundry System

The EcoTex systems offer unmatched disinfection, with ozone-infused water, rapidly oxidizing solids and microbes while using 90% less hot water.

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