5 Reasons to join the CCL Commercial Laundry’s TotalCare® Program

Sep 2022

1. Equipment and service under one fixed monthly payment

Our TotalCare® Program provides a sustainable plan for all your commercial laundry equipment requirements. We provide the equipment and service under one fixed monthly payment! Take advantage of the latest laundry equipment without incurring any up-front costs and benefit from the reassurance of fixed pricing, knowing there will be no unexpected repair bills for your commercial laundry equipment!

2. Upgrade to Coinamatic’s latest laundry equipment without paying anything upfront

Suppose your existing owned laundry equipment is unreliable and is beginning to cost too much to maintain. In that case, we offer commercial laundry equipment buyback to assist with the cost-effective updating of your commercial laundry equipment. Under the TotalCare® Program, we purchase your existing onsite laundry equipment, service and maintain it, and replace it with Coinamatic’s latest technology equipment as required without any upfront payment. Take advantage of ensuring that your laundry equipment is up and running when you need it and will be replaced as required!

3. No unexpected repair bills when it comes to your laundry equipment

The nature of commercial laundry equipment, and any mechanical equipment, is that it requires service as it operates. Unfortunately these problems can occur, no matter how excellent the equipment or installation is. Repair costs can quickly add up to large unexpected bills that may not be within budget. Manufacturer warranties usually cover parts, but they often don’t cover labour, even in the first year. Under our TotalCare® Program, we will take over the ongoing repair and maintenance of that laundry equipment for a low monthly rental cost guaranteed for the term.

4. Priority response maintenance and service at no additional charge

If you experience a problem with a machine, a trained service technician will be dispatched. Requests are prioritized when our service center receives them. Coinamatic’s satellite-guided GPS service vehicles are ready to go with all the necessary parts to repair equipment on the spot. Additionally, we have a first-time fix rate of 97%!

5. Peace of mind

As a business owner, you know just how important it is to keep your commercial laundry equipment operating at peak performance. Breakdowns can leave your operation at a standstill, hurting your reputation and bottom line. With Coinamatic’s TotalCare® Program, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you are covered for any emergency, with commercial laundry equipment repair and maintenance service under one fixed monthly payment performed by technicians with years of technical experience.