Total Care Program


Check out our equipment sale and rental options, as well as our exclusive Total Care Program providing equipment and service under one fixed monthly payment!

If your existing laundry equipment is unreliable and is beginning to cost too much to maintain, opt for Coinamatic’s Total Care package.  Take advantage of the latest laundry equipment without incurring any up-front costs and benefit from the reassurance of fixed pricing, knowing there will be no unexpected repair bills when it comes to your laundry equipment!

Total Care is a solution that allows you to upgrade to Coinamatic’s latest laundry equipment without paying a penny up front. You receive new machines and 24/7 support, all for a reasonable monthly payment throughout the term of the contract.

Total Care lets you enjoy complete peace of mind for one simple monthly payment.  Free yourself from the hassle and inconvenience that can come with maintaining commercial laundry equipment, and let us do it for you!

Our TOTAL CARE program provides a sustainable plan for all your laundry needs. Benefits include:

  •   A turnkey laundry operation with no capital investment.
  •  Maintenance and service at no additional charge throughout the term of the agreement.
  •  Priority service response helping you to manage and control downtime.
  •  Dedicated sales and service professionals.
  •  Training for you and your staff from installation through to implementation.
  •  Hassle-free and risk-free with the flexibility to upgrade equipment as technology advances are made within the industry and as your business changes over time.
  •  Includes delivery and installation to prepared facilities within the laundry room.


Ask us about our equipment Buy Back Programs to assist with cost-effective updating of your commercial laundry equipment. Yes, you heard it! We will purchase your existing onsite laundry equipment!

Under our Total Care Program, we will take over the ongoing repair and maintenance of that laundry equipment for a low monthly rental cost guaranteed for the length of the term. During the term of the agreement, we will replace any equipment when required with an equal to or better alternative. You will also be eligible to receive an Ecotex – Advanced Laundry Oxidation System allowing you to reduce your hot water consumption and overall operating costs while achieving the same high-quality results! Optimize your investment and your expenses!

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Note: You may also be eligible for Enbridge or Union Gas Rebate Programs.
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