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Learn how a seniors residence operator solved their hot water supply challenges and reduced operating costs


A retirement residence in Alberta with 80 long term care beds. The facility has both housekeeping laundry equipment used for linens and towels and some personal laundry equipment available for those residents wanting to perform their own personal laundry requirements.


Hot water supply has been a frustrating problem for staff and residents. The facility recently added an additional hot water tank to keep up with the demand for hot water. Still, it continued to struggle to achieve a consistent supply of hot water for laundry, food services and resident hygienic purposes.


Our team recommended and installed an Ecotex® Advanced laundry oxidation system to the housekeeping commercial laundry equipment. This new unit allowed the housekeeping staff to migrate over to cold water washing, effectively reducing hot water usage, and removing the requirement for an additional hot water tank.

Designed to work with existing commercial laundry equipment, the system uses an eco-friendly laundry technology that turns air into 90% pure oxygen which is then electrically charged to create ozone, nature’s safest, most effective disinfecting agent. By injecting ozone continuously throughout the wash cycle, harmful bacteria, viruses, and superbugs are eliminated. Traditional wash cycles using hot water to provide thermal disinfection can be reduced or eliminated. Cold water programs reduce energy consumption, water use, cycle times, and drying times while increasing detergent and chemical efficacy and extending fabric life ultimately providing fresh, clean, fluffy laundry. Problem solved! The retirement residence hot water demand is no longer an issue, and overall costs have dropped dramatically, while both staff and residents are reassured that their laundry is safely disinfected.

The Benefit

  • Reduced energy and hot water consumption
  • ROI can be achieved in as little as 8 months
  • Complete laundry disinfection with proven eradication of MRSA, C-difficile and other viruses
  • In Ontario, EcoTex® qualifies for an Enbridge rebate!

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