Ozone Laundry Systems



Engineered for exceptional performance in small & large commercial laundry applications, Eco3Tex® Ozone Laundry System is proven to save money, disinfect linens, reduce water consumption, make your facility greener and improve your bottom line.


Eco3Tex® enhances the performance of chemicals and shortens the traditional wash cycle. Using cold water instead of hot, a typical laundry facility can generate cost savings to achieve full ROI within 9 to 18 months. Engineered specifically for the laundry industry, Eco3Tex® can be integrated into new or existing laundry systems and features user-friendly controls and diagnostic panels that can be adjusted to meet diverse laundry requirements. The system receives signals from the washers and injects ozone directly into the wash water so laundry is constantly being charged with ozone during each programmed step. Fibres are also lifted during cleaning, producing a softer, fluffier feel to towels and linens. Using ozone in commercial and industrial laundry applications cuts laundry operational costs by up to 50%, and ozone cleans and disinfects better than traditional wash thermal cycles, killing or disabling bacteria and viruses many times faster than conventional practices.

Proven Savings

Traditional wash cycles use hot water to provide thermal disinfection and aid in chemical activation. The Eco3Tex® Advanced Laundry Oxidation System achieves these goals by using cold water. This process saves up to 50% on operational costs through utility reduction, water conservation and improved linen life. Coinamatic Commercial Laundry (CCL) provides laundry solutions to make facilities greener and improve bottom lines.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced Hot Water Consumption & Energy Costs
  • Kills Bacteria, Viruses and Superbugs
  • Reduced Wash/Dry Cycle
  • Fluffier, Whiter, Fresher Aromatic Linens
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Improved Operational Efficiencies
  • Quick Return On Investment
  • Reduced Effluent Waste Water
  • Improved Laundry Room Quality & Extended Linen Life



The are four main components to the ozone laundry system:

1. Ozone Generator
2. Oxygen Concentrator
3. Ambient Controller
4. Commercial Washer

The Eco3Tex® Ozone Laundry System converts air into 90% pure oxygen which is then electrically charged to split the oxygen atoms. By injecting ozone continuously throughout the wash cycle, harmful bacteria, viruses and superbugs including MRSA, C-Difficile and other viruses are eliminated. These atoms reassemble to form oxygen once the wash cycle is complete.

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