Corporate Overview

You know Coinamatic as “Canada’s Most Trusted Name in Laundry Services,” however, as a look at our corporate overview will show, we are so much more than a simple laundry company.


Coinamatic is Canada’s specialist in managed laundry systems. Since 1946, Coinamatic has provided vended laundry equipment and service to the multi-residential housing industry.  We currently service over 22,000 customer locations across Canada. We offer sustainable laundry solutions and top of the line Alliance and Maytag equipment. Additionally, we provide ultimate customer service. This includes a live voice multilingual call centre and a coast to coast national service team.

Coinamatic Commercial Laundry

CCL provides effective & sustainable end to end solutions for on-premise laundry operations. The long term care, assisted living and the hospitality markets are CCL’s primary focus. We offer a complete line of commercial laundry equipment as well as Ecotex laundry oxidation systems. Coupled with our coast to coast service and unique service agreements, Coinamatic provides laundry solutions designed to increase productivity and reduce costs!

ParkSmart Inc.

ParkSmart, a Coinamatic company, offers innovative parking solutions that effectively assist in the management of parking facilities of all sizes. Therefore, ParkSmart solutions aim to increase revenue and improve the operations and user experience of your parking facility.

WASH Laundry Solutions

Coinamatic is owned by WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems, the leading provider of outsourced laundry equipment and service in North America headquartered in Torrance, California.

Our corporate overview is only part of the story. To learn how Coinamatic has helped clients from a wide array of sectors achieve reduced laundry costs and improved performance, read our case studies.