Mobile App Payment

Introducing the Coinamatic CP Mobile App Payment System!

Coinamatic now has a mobile app, designed for easier mobile app payment! No more cards, no more coins, no more hassle! Let your residents pay how they want to pay with the Coinamatic CP mobile app!

coinamatic mobile app

Benefits of the Mobile App

Adding the convenience of mobile app payment is a great way to increase loyalty, usage and of course, resident satisfaction.

Coinamatic can provide a variety of vended payment options such as:

  • Card + mobile
  • Mobile only

Both new and existing laundry equipment can be set-up for mobile compatibility by installing a Bluetooth reader or mobile converter. Therefore, residents can load funds to their mobile account using their debit or credit card without the use of a reload kiosk. Additionally, our CSR’s can provide on-the-spot refunds for ultimate customer service. As a result, mobile app compatibility contributes to a safer, more advanced and efficient laundry operation.

mobile app payment

If you are interested in providing your residents with the convenience of mobile payment, please contact us at

For resident-friendly information on how to use the mobile app, click here!

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