Building Residents

For building residents, issues in the laundry room are a hassle. Here are some helpful links so that you can be proactive about solving them.

Firstly, loading your laundry card: Click here!

Tips for better laundry: Click here! (Bonus: Here are some eco-friendly laundry tips!)

Choosing and using the right products: Click here!

Stains happen, thus, check out some quick tips: Click here!

If you experience a machine issue and need it to be fixed: Request a service call!

A step-by-step guide on initiating a refund: Click here!

Finally, a list of locations for our reload centers, where you can add money to your laundry card: Click here!

Using our mobile app and need a FAQ? Click here!

Did we miss something? Building residents can also contact the appropriate phone number on our contact page.