Company History

Coinamatic Canada Inc. has been in continuous operations since 1946. We’ve been through a lot. But, that makes for a great company history!


Two young men from Montreal, Quebec founded Coinamatic in 1946. Their goal was to provide affordable laundry services to apartment dwellers living in the fast-growing, post-WWII new apartment construction.

Coinamatic operated as a private family-owned company until 2013. The company was acquired by WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems, the leading provider of outsourced laundry equipment and services. This transaction brought together two industry leaders with similar backgrounds. Therefore, WASH became the first multi-national laundry company of its kind.

Still privately owned, Coinamatic continues to embrace its legacy as a family-friendly organization. However, we also set the pace with the changing times. Along with our parent company WASH, we continue to pioneer new advances in laundry room technology. We seek to find ways to modernize our systems and help our employees to be more efficient. Ultimately we embrace improving on serving the needs of our customers.

Our Canadian team of about 300 employees working in 8 branch locations across Canada, continues to uphold our outstanding reputation for accountability, integrity and customer service.

Company history is important, helping you with your commercial laundry needs today is even more important. Read our case studies, and then contact us to learn how Coinamatic can help you.