Assisted Care Living fights superbugs, viruses and bacteria in their laundry

May 2022

It has never been more critical for Assisted Care Living facilities to maintain hospital-grade disinfection in their laundry. Facilities across Canada have discovered that the Eco3Tex® Ozone Laundry System can deliver hospital-grade disinfection, including the added benefits of energy cost reduction, reduced water consumption, and making their laundry systems more environmentally sustainable.

The Eco3Tex® Ozone Laundry System uses ozone technology, highly effective in eliminating bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Ozone laundry systems create ozone by combining oxygen and electricity. The ozone is then dissolved in the washing water. When the ozonated water comes in contact with your laundry, it destroys the bacteria, viruses, mold, or other microorganisms that exist. These can be typically found in saliva, feces, urine and vomit that can be presented on the linens.

Ozone safely and effectively combats superbugs and bacterium commonly occurring in medical and assisted living facilities, such as MRSA, C. difficile and VRE. These superbugs are frequently referred to as “HAis” (Hospital-Acquired Infections), meaning ill or injured patients are most susceptible to infection by these invisible, drug-resistant bacteria. Superbugs can survive on surfaces for up to three days and can be spread via garments and bed linens.

The Eco3Tex® Ozone Laundry System uses ozone to destroy these viruses and bacteria as well as enhancing the performance of laundry chemicals which in turn shortens the traditional wash cycle, saving valuable time and energy. Ozone disinfection technology allows wash cycles to use cold water instead of hot.

By using cold water instead of hot, a typical laundry facility can generate cost savings to achieve total ROI within 9 to 18 months. Standard wash cycles use hot water to provide thermal disinfection and aid in chemical activation. The Eco3Tex® Ozone Laundry System achieves these goals by using cold water. This proven process can save up to 50% on operational costs through energy reduction, water conservation and significantly improved linen life.

The Eco3Tex® system is easy to install in your existing laundry facilities and can be retrofitted to most existing commercial washer/extractors. It does not require additional plumbing or water lines, reducing equipment space, simplifying installation, and saving maintenance costs with reduced energy and wash cycles.

Going green benefits both your residents and your bottom line. Make your laundry facility more sustainable with the most advanced ozone laundry disinfection system available. Reduce harsh chemicals, water usage, energy consumption, and guarantees superior disinfection.

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