Disinfected Laundry using Ozone & Cold Water?

Jun 2021
Ozone Laundry eBlast June 8

Start Saving Today with Ozone!

Are you interested in disinfected laundry using ozone for commercial and industrial laundry applications?  Ozone cuts operational costs by up to 50%.  Ozone cleans and disinfects better than traditional thermal cycles, killing bacteria and viruses faster.

Engineered specifically for the laundry industry, EcoTex Advanced Laundry Oxidation System can be integrated into existing laundry equipment and systems and features user-friendly controls and diagnostic panels that meet diverse laundry requirements.  The ozone system receives signals from the washers and injects ozone directly into the water so laundry is constantly charged with ozone during each step.  Fibres are lifted during cleaning, producing a softer feel to towels and linens.

Key benefits of using ozone to disinfect laundry include:

  • Reduced Hot Water Consumption
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Kills bacteria, Viruses and Superbugs
  • Extended Linen Life
  • Reduced Wash/Dry Cycle Times
  • Whiter Whites
  • Fluffier, Fresher Aromatic Linens
  • Improved Operational Efficiencies
  • Improved Laundry Room Quality
  • Excellent ROI

Complete the Quote Request today and speak to one of our qualified Commercial Laundry Sales Representatives about the benefits of getting your laundry disinfected using ozone and learn more about the Ecotex Advanced Laundry Oxidation System eligible for Enbridge Incentive Rebates today!


What’s Next?

If you require new equipment or are interested in learning more about our Ecotex Advanced Laundry Oxidation system, we are here to help!

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