Luxer One Package Lockers, Distributed by Coinamatic

Jun 2021


MISSISSAUGA, ON – June 3, 2021 – Coinamatic Canada Inc, a leading provider of laundry facilities management services, announced today that it has signed an agreement with Luxer One to become a Canadian Distributor for the supply, delivery, installation and service of smart parcel lockers designed for contactless parcel delivery. These lockers help to provide ease and convenience of package delivery and pickup for multifamily buildings, condominiums, corporate environments, educational institutions, and more.

Todd Myers, Coinamatic President, commented, “Luxer One contactless parcel delivery lockers are an excellent complement to the services that Coinamatic currently provides to the multi-family housing market.  We are very excited to work with Luxer and provide this premium product & service to our Clients.  Coinamatic brings a wealth of industry experience from coast to coast and will now be able to serve the properties who require parcel delivery service to assist with the ongoing high demand.”

Prior to 2020, contactless delivery was a term used only in small niches of big box retail to save staff hours. Customers could order something online and pick it up through an app-connected locker system installed at the front of the store, rather than retrieving their order at the customer service desk. Today, in the presence of COVID-19, contactless parcel delivery has become a public health necessity and a required amenity for multifamily properties, propelling Sacramento-based Luxer One, the industry’s pioneer, to be the first company to reach 100-million deliveries via smart locker. This includes everything from packages, retail purchases and school books to legal paperwork, student laptops and food delivery.

“We are so excited to have Coinamatic joining Luxer One as a distribution partner. They have proven their ability to provide top tier service throughout Canada, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with them in bringing all of the benefits of contactless delivery to multi-family housing across the country,” says Nick Sanderson, VP of Sales and Marketing at Luxer One.

Luxer Lockers provide unparalleled technology, design, and customer service. In 2018, Luxer was ranked the #1 Multifamily Package Locker System by Kingsley Report. Today, Luxer lockers, designed and built in the US, are found in thousands of Class A Apartment Buildings, libraries, offices, government buildings, several California State Universities, retail stores such as Honeywell, Macy’s, and Foot Locker, and America’s top home improvement retailer.

About Coinamatic

Coinamatic has been providing vended laundry equipment to the multi-residential housing industry for 75 years and is the leading provider of managed laundry services in Canada. Coinamatic offers Alliance, Maytag and LG commercial laundry equipment with either mobile, card vended or coin vended payment systems. The Commercial Laundry Division, CCL, offers a complete line of non-vended laundry equipment and multi-load washer/extractors and tumblers for facilities operating on-premise laundries.  Top of the line laundry equipment coupled with a coast to coast qualified service team, extensive parts inventory and a multilingual call centre supported by an online service portal, provide the ultimate in Customer Service!


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