The Art of Laundry Folding

Jul 2019

Laundry folding is an art and this post will help you become a laundry folding artist.

You’ve taken your fresh and clean laundry out of the dryer. The hard part is over and you’re excited to get back to wearing that comfy cotton sweater or those black jeans that go with anything.

However, to get there you face one last task – folding and putting away your laundry! Here are three simple but useful tips to get you motivated and avoid a clutter of newly washed clothes in your room or worse, on your bed!

1. Start with the biggest items first.

Seeing a pile of sweatshirts, pants, or shirts can be disheartening, no matter how clean they are. However, you can break out of that mindset by putting away these items first. The smaller your laundry basket looks overtime, the more you’ll want to have the smaller things, such as socks, hand towels, etc. put away as well.  

2. Separate your laundry by category.

To avoid going back and forth between your closets, drawers, and bathroom, separate your items by where they need to go. For example, hang all your shirts and pants up first before moving onto putting away your socks and undergarments in the drawers. By doing this, it will keep you more organized and fluid.

3. Don’t leave all the folding to the very end.

In other words, don’t procrastinate! If you have multiple loads of laundry to dry, immediately start folding as soon as the first load is done. A bonus with this is that clothes will have less wrinkles the warmer they are from the dryer. Sounds like a win-win situation.

We hope these tips make your laundry day easier. Be sure to check out our past blog posts and be on the outlook for more in the future!

What’s Next?

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