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Coinamatic improved the energy fitness and member satisfaction of this Ontario private sports club. Installing new equipment and implementing best practices resulted in amazing energy savings.


One of Canada’s largest private family sports clubs asked Coinamatic to improve their laundry facilities. Improving member experience and reducing costs were key goals for the project.

The Problem

The facility’s aging washers and dryers needed to operate 20 hours a day in order to keep up with requests for towels. This often led to machines breaking down. Additionally, with their current provider, this meant waiting patiently for equipment to be serviced. As a business where  providing members and guests with top-notch service is paramount, these wait times were unacceptable.

The Solution

After an initial consultation, the Coinamatic team planned to replace tired equipment, improve laundry capacity and reduce energy costs. Coinamatic then installed two 75lb washers and two 120lb dryers. As a result, washing capacity was increased by 10% and dryer capacity by 38%. Additionally, the EcoTexTM Ozone Laundry System was implemented in all laundry areas, helping to improve energy efficiency throughout the entire club. Furthermore, while the improvements in capacity and energy saving were welcome, the reduction of service downtime and maintenance costs helped win the game.

With state-of-the-art laundry equipment installed, the club was able to improve efficiency, reduce costs and extend the life of their linens.

The Result

With state-of-the-art laundry equipment installed, the club was able to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase the life of their linens. Our client was able to increase overall laundry production by 9% and sustainably reduce utility costs by 38%. Therefore, the club is able to improve member experience and drive positive business results for years to come.

The Problem

Old, tired laundry equipment that couldn’t keep up with demand

The Solution

New equipment to increase capacity, reduce costs and improve member satisfaction

The Benefit

38% sustainable reduction in utility costs

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